MGG Projects




Below are some tentative projects in planning for 2012-2013. Please check back in October 2012 to confirm details.

AGE: 12+

COST: Cost:$10.00 individual membership, or $15.00 per family for membership in Orange County Bee Keeper Association.

MEETS: 1st Tuesday-7-9 pm

Meets at the Orange County Fairgrounds –Silo Building with the Orange County Bee Keepers Association to learn how to keep bees, and learn about factors influencing bees such as diseases, reduction of traditional habitat, pesticides, and other bee issues. We can participate in the yearly ice cream social, sell honey sticks, work the bee booth at the Orange County Fair, and possibly visit an apiary at the end of the year in Orange County.



 Cake Decorating

 AGE: All

COST: $3 notebook + $3.50 Wilton book + tips
Cakes and frosting: make and bring to the meetings


 Clothing/Fashion Revue/Home Arts

AGE: All

MEETS: 3rd Tuesday–5-7pm

Learn to sew, make an outfit to model at Fashion Revue.
COST: fabric, pattern, and notions.




AGE: Anyone who has the dexterity and determination—up to 10 members.
COST: yarn, hooks, thread & book. Easy, fun projects for all



Dance / American Culture in Motion!


Meets: Friday or Saturday from November 

Limit to 8 members.

Cost: Dance shoes, Simple costumes for performance (If the members would like)


Members will learn some fun choreography which relates to American Culture with emphasis on basic ballet and jazz technique. There will be performance opportunities!


AGE:  5-8 (Primaries only)

Cost:$7.00 per year

Meets: 2nd Monday, 3:30 p.m.(beginning in November)
We will create fun and beautiful art with recycled materials.


 Elderly Safety

AGE: 9+
This community service learning project is funded by a Revolution of Responsibility grant. We will be donating medical equipment to a non-profit organization. The equipment will be then loaned to elderly citizens, free of charge, for in-home use. This Project may be completed by September.



COST: $10

Meets 3rd Saturday from 1-3pm
We will learn about, share and get excited about all kinds of “bugs” with other “bug” lovers.


 Floral Arranging

AGE: All
COST: $5 per meeting.

# of members: 10

Each month we will create a flower arrangement with fresh flowers (possibly dried arrangements too).



AGE: 9 +
COST: $3

Meets 2nd Tuesday from 5-7 pm 

We will learn about various foods. We will cook and enjoy eating.



Officers of the MGG 4-H Club and any interested members meet to plan for the clubs participation in community service events, fundraising events, and to plan the agenda for the General Meeting during the 4-H year.


 Museum Hopping

AGE: All

MEETS: different museums each month, free days when possible
Visit various museum around Orange County each month. Fun & educational time for everyone. All members must be accompanied by one parent at all times.
COST: gas & museum admission


 Needle Arts

AGE: Anyone who has the dexterity and determination—up to 10 members.

Meets 3rd Wednesday from 5-7pm

You will be introduced to the counted cross stitch, rug hooking, and embroidery, etc. Easy, fun projects for all


 Public Speaking/Presentation Day Preparation

AGE: All
COST: $5

Meets: Last Monday
Develop public speaking skill in preparation for 4-H Presentation in March. 


  Primary Project Clover Buds

Meets 2nd Wednesday from 3:30pm

Cost: $3.00 per meeting.

This is for all primary members (ages 5-8).

We will make crafts, play games and try many projects.# of members: All Primary members.




Meets: 3rd Monday-5-7pm

Cost-variable depending on fabrics chosen.


#of members:10.

We will make small quilts, potholders, table runners, wall hangings in various patterns and using various techniques.


 Table Tennis

AGE: 11+, Up to 8 members.

Members will learn the rules of table tennis and have competitions.