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Welcome to the Mesa Goathill Go-Getters.  We meet monthly for our club General Meeting at the O

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Fashion Revue

What is the 4-H Fashion Revue Program?

4-H Fashion Revue is an educational program designed to enhance the 4-H clothing project. Objectives are for youth to:

·         Build self-confidence and poise

·         Create and select clothing that is becoming, and expressive of one’s personality.

·          Develop skills in planning, selecting, and making clothing and accessories for different occasions.

·          Model with confidence clothing made to meet one’s wardrobe needs.

·          Develop good posture and grooming habits.

·          Acquire knowledge and skills in planning, presenting, and participating in Fashion Revues.



In the Fashion Revue Program, 4-H members are evaluated based on consumer decision making, quality of construction, degree of difficulty, modeling, fit, and appearance. Participants progress from novice to intermediate to advanced skill levels.